Boost Your Token Generation Event

Generate mass interest in your launch with prize pools including real STX tokens, your tokens and much more. Gain valuable insight, data and thousands of new participants for your TGE!


Instant buzz for your launch and supercharge your overall results with high exposure


More followers, token holders and build a quality audience of new users to your project


Engagement and retention rates with predictions on your Token Generation Event’s performance


Knowledge and obtain valuable insights about your upcoming launch from the Community using the wisdom of the crowd

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This unique and engaging experience will help users build their crypto assets portfolio by harnessing prediction markets and crowd-sourced wisdom for their predictions.

How does it work?

We publish a prediction about your upcoming Token Generation Event on our platform. The prediction can be about how successful, or the amount of time your event will be conducted or a speciality prediction of your choice. The possibilities and amount of predictions are customizable.

Stox allows you to present your event on the prediction page, by embedding your content and putting links to the event on the Stox platform and website.

Not only you will gain great exposure to a targeted, crypto enthusiast audience, but also expand your community of token holders and investors.

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