Stox V 2.0

Web application connected to Ethereum testnet

The second phase of the Alpha will focus on

  • Campaign to invite the Stox community to submit predictions. The most popular predictions will be added to the site
  • Developing of our first decentralized prediction which will run on smart contracts
  • Wallet integration
  • Bug discovery- bounty program
Q4 2017

Bancor Integration

  • Bancor is an ERC20-compatible token template, which offers continuous liquidity via an on-chain market maker.
Q4 2017

Stox V2.1

The third phase of the Alpha will focus on

  • Prediction management
  • Implementation of LMSR module version 1
  • Oracle integration decentralized version 1
  • Know Your Customer (KYC)



Execution of the marketing plan which focuses on the launch of the live platform.

Q1 2018

Stox Prediction Platform Beta 1.0

The first phase of the Stox Beta will focus on

  • API for operators
  • Oracle integration decentralized version 2
  • Stox hackathon Customer Network (first operator)

The first step of leveraging’s customer network will begin in this quarter. Selected users from’s database will be invited to test the platform and app implementations.



Increase marketing activities to attract a broad user-base and community.

Q2 2018

Stox Production 1.0

Transfer to Ethereum net

The first phase of the live product will be launched with

  • Prediction creation tool
  • Operator backend
  • Analytics
  • Prediction history


Mobile 1.0

This first version of the mobile beta will also be launched in this quarter. Customer Network

During this quarter we will also consolidate as first provider by inviting all users to the platform.



There will be a launch event for marketing purposes to spread the Stox gospel.

Q3 2018

Stox Production 1.1

The second phase of the live platform will focus on

  • Implementation of LMSR module version 2
  • Oracle integration decentralized version 2
  • Fluid predictions - users can enter or exit a prediction at any time
  • Operator management


Standalone 1.0

The standalone application will allow a fully decentralized prediction market service. The standalone application will be based on Electron and will use IPFS and Ethereum light client integration.


Mobile 2.0

The live version of the platform will be launched on mobile.


External Operators

We will invite external operators to utilize the Stox prediction platform.

Q4 2018