LeadCoin Exceeds ICO Expectations with Stox Sponsored Predictions

The LeadCoin team achieved high visibility results for their presale and ICO with a sponsored prediction and collaboration on the Stox platform. The two companies successfully partnered to superlaunch LeadCoin’s offering via social media and other marketing channels. As a result, LeadCoin had a successful token sale reaching the hard cap of $50 million within minutes of opening the sale.


What LeadCoin Says About Stox

LeadCoin offers an amazing lead generation solution by matching the right lead, empowering businesses to sell their unused leads and buy hot leads from other businesses. Sellers automatically share their unused leads in real-time. LeadCoin’s matching algorithm then analyzes and matches leads to buyers. Leads who didn’t match one business, are now the perfect match for another.​​


Eyal Rosen, CMO of LeadCoin, stated “We experienced great benefits from partnering with Stox to generate buzz for our ICO. Our ICO hit our $50 Million hardcap in only 26 minutes as Stox wisdom of the crowd forecasted. The results were excellent, with over 850 transfers during our ICO to achieve our hardcap goal.

We were very pleased with Stox technical robustness, strength of their platform and social media support before and during our ICO.”

Benefits by the Data

Using LeadCoin, businesses can sell their unused leads to each other creating a decentralized network with no dependency on a middle man. The network only features leads that have an immediate need for a specific solution. Therefore, buyers can contact these leads knowing that they are motivated and relevant to their business.

By implementing Stox’ ICO Predictions Category with custom predictions, the LeadCoin team gained exposure with over 3,000 predictions made.


by Numbers

  • 4,000+ joined our Telegram group from Stox links
    (a 400% increase)
  • Increased our website traffic by over 25%
  • Our paid campaign reached a CTR of 5%
  • 6,000+ votes on LeadCoin’s sponsored prediction