Frequently Asked Questions

The Stox Cup is our monthly tournament. This tournament is a fun way to test your Ranking Power and prediction strength against other players. To win real STX token prizes on the Stox cup you need to reach one of the top 150 places in our leaderboard.

The leaderboard rank users with the highest amount of profits generated from placing predictions.

When profiting from prediction, the amount of STX is automatically converted to ranking points on a 1:1 ratio (1stx=1RP).

The Ranking Points you win for predicting correctly contribute to your ranking on the leaderboard.

At the end of the current Stox Cup tournament, your ranking determines whether you’ll be in the winning for real STX.

Ranking points are the credits you receive each time you predict correctly. These points are added up to give your ranking on the leaderboard for the Stox Cup tournament.

You can win STX tokens two ways:

  1. By correctly predicting on markets listed as ”Win real STX tokens”
  2. By placing within the winning ranks on the Leaderboard for the Stox Cup tournament.

Stox is an open source, Ethereum based platform for prediction markets where people can predict the outcome of events in almost any imaginable category. The platform targets mainstream audiences and provides a venue where users can enjoy predicting everyday events in real time, and potentially profit from the outcome.

The power behind Stox is the STX digital token. All activity in the network revolves around STX, from serving as the primary form for fees and collaterals, to serving as the main currency participants use for investing in event outcomes. The total supply of STX is fixed and shall be generated in its entirety during the token launch event.

Stox has three distinctly different characteristics:

1. Single token economy which is likely to boost token value.

2. Unique business model which incentivizes growth through business providers, starting with which will utilize its marketing and regulation know-how and open the platform to its large database.

3. Designed for mainstream users who will be able to easily access their funds. Will attract a critical mass of upon launch via

There are three types of agents operating on Stox ecosystem: providers, operators and users. Providers are the ones who drive traffic into the ecosystem and develop new apps based on Stox’s open source prototype app. Operators create, manage and resolve events. Any individual, company or organization may become a provider or an operator. Moreover, it is possible for a single entity to be both a provider and an operator.

Stox ecosystems motivates providers and operators to cooperate through event syndication and user affiliation to maximize each party’s relative advantages. As a result, providers may benefit from cooperating with multiple operators and vice versa. Last but least are the users, who are the investors taking part in events.

The Stox platform handles the creation and participation of predictive marketing events, provides tools for growing the platform using event discovery features as well as helps incentivise providers, operators and potential users using market standard tools such as affiliate, syndication programs, promotional credit mechanisms and more. The platform also enables the Oracles operations by running collateral and dispute programs.

Stox will develop and publish a client for the Stox platform in the form of a fully functional prediction market app. The app will be open source and implement the user side of the model including on-chain access over Ethereum to Stox smart contracts. Stox will encourage any entity, individual or organization to join the Stox ecosystem, alter the official reference implementation and release their own branded and customized client to the Stox network and publish it to their organic or affiliate users. Stox will publish an open source customization SDK with tutorials and documentation to make the customization process as easy as possible.

Our detailed roadmap for Stox consists of several milestones. In terms of the technical work the key milestones are development of the decentralized platform, the open source p2p prediction market application and the ecosystem member SDK. Once the application is ready, we plan to launch with, as the debut prediction market provider. In addition, as soon as most of the technology is available we will shift a major part of our efforts towards growing the ecosystem in order to encourage potential partner to join Stox. For more details on our our roadmap, please check our white paper.

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