BlitzPredict Powered ICO with Stox Sponsored Prediction

The BlitzPredict team achieved high visibility results for their presale and ICO with a sponsored prediction and collaboration on the Stox platform. The two companies successfully promoted each other’s offering via social media and other marketing channels.


What BlitzPredict Says About Stox

BlitzPredict offers an amazing prediction markets solution by finding the best price available at any time. By building a global aggregator for everything on prediction markets from crypto, to sports, e-sports and politics, they streamline the process for users with extreme efficiency.

Brett Richey, CEO of BlitzPredict, stated “We see a great fit between BlitzPredict’s and Stox’ visions and are excited to jointly develop tools that will enhance the experience of users of both platforms. We selected Stox due to their technical robustness and the strength of their platform.”

Benefits by the Data

BlitzPredict strength in their decentralized, blockchain-based service is in ensuring that winners on their platform receive rewards immediately at the conclusion of an event, whereas centralized markets often have long waiting periods for payouts and rewards.
By implementing Stox’ ICO Predictions Category with a custom prediction, the BlitzPredict team gained exposure with over 3,000 predictions made and:


By Numbers

  • 3,600+ joined our Telegram group from Stox links
  • Increased our website traffic by over 20%
  • Our paid campaign reached a CTR of 5%
  • 3,900+ votes on BlitzPredict’s sponsored prediction